Do customers owe you money? 

                   In a perfect world, everyone pays their bills on time.

Sadly, with recent economic situations being what they’ve been, that doesn’t always happen.  Often, people requiring your services are in a position of needing to make payment arrangements.  What can you do?  How do you get paid for the all of the Repairs, Storage, Winterization, Slip Fees and Services you have provided?
Our experts are familiar with all aspects of the Repair and Storage Liens Act, and can place a Lien on the Boat / Trailer / Water Sled / RV that will:
  • Supercede any existing Lien on the items, including any from Banks, or other Financial Institutions
  • Allow us to arrange for the Change of Ownership of the item and the recovery of the item by Business Owner, or Staff Member if not already in their possession, for Sale if Required to recover Total Account Owed Plus the Costs to do it !
  • Compel the Debtor to resolve the DEBT with (All costs related to the Lien and Subsequent Recovery  are added to the Debt which must be satisfied before the item is returned), or the Item Will Be Sold

With one form, we can turn your receivables into cash, usually in within three weeks!

If the item is subsequently abandoned in your possession, our Lien allows for the Transfer of Ownership, opening the door to sale of the item to satisfy the Debt, or, if other monies are still owed on Finance, the financial institution must satisfy the debt owed to the Business Owner before they can take whatever steps to realize compensation for the Debt owed to them.


What if the item not in your possession has been sold ?


We can also handle all aspects of Investigation, Locates, Small Claims Court Resolution, Enforcement, and Collections.